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Long-term vs. Short-term rentals. Pros and Cons

Short-term rentals are based on a daily rent fee and usually last no longer than a week, whereas long-term rentals typically have monthly rent fees and tenants stay in the properties for years. There are many other differences between these two rental types, so in this blog I will cover the key points.

Commercial vs Residential Property Management: What’s the Difference?

There are many differences between commercial and residential property management. Usually, new property managers start with residential buildings, because of its simplicity. But if one wants to jump into commercial property management, there are many things to learn. In this blog,you will find the key points that differ commercial property management from residential.

What’s New in New Soft4RealEstate version S4RE101?

We care about our customers’ success, so we develop Soft4RealEstate commercial property management system constantly and once in quarter we let the world know about new Soft4RealEstate functionality and benefits for the property management companies.

Baltic Real Estate Market Overview

“Eurozone is back on track”, says Lars Christensen, International economist in his opening speech at Baltic Real Estate Investment Forum. Find out more about Baltic Real Estate market performance in this overview.
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