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How to stay competitive in today’s market: interview with Kat Wuethrich, Admiral Consulting Group

Today, SOFT4 has a little over 50 resellers worldwide. Read about what’s important when choosing the implementation partner to work with, what challenges customers are having in different markets and how they stay competitive in today’s market.

Making Things Happen in 2016: Soft4 Year in Review

One more great year has passed. Let's look at Soft4 Year recap of 2016!

Commercial Property Management: What to Expect in 2017?

Every year is somehow different and bring new things into the life, work, daily activities. New trends and tendencies might be significant for the work activities, especially if you are working in a commercial property management industry. This article will tell you what to expect in CPM industry in 2017 and how to prepare for the challenges to come.

What’s New in New Soft4RealEstate version S4RE100?

We care about our customers’ success, so we develop Soft4RealEstate commercial property management system constantly and once in quarter we let the world know about new Soft4RealEstate functionality and benefits for the property management companies.
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