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7 Property Management Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

No matter what business you are working in, marketing is huge deal for you if you want to work with new clients and also keep existing ones. It might seem that Property Management is not an industry like fashion or soft drinks for example, and marketing here is not a player in the game, so you can do it without any effort or not do at all. However, if you think that these ideas are true, you are totally wrong. In this blog I stated main Property Management Marketing mistakes, that is quite frequent, but need to be avoided.

How to Deal with Bad Tenants?

Having a difficult tenant or dealing with a bad one can put your property investment at risk, and complicate your approach to the tenants. Not all the tenants see your property as you do. In this blog I’ll try to cover the main reasons for a tenant being bad and suggest ways to deal with each of them.

5 Challenges You Will Face Hiring a New Property Manager

Hiring a new person is often a headache for an employer. The process is not necessarily short and easy. In this blog, I will skip over the process of choosing the best candidate and talk about challenges that might be waiting for the property manager when training a new employee, including technology challenges.

7 MUST HAVE Things for a Property-Management Website

It doesn’t matter whether you have the best or the worst properties in the city, if your prospects can’t find the information about you and the estate you manage, those properties will be empty for months. Your property-management website is one of the most important tools to attract your prospects. Read this article and find out, what must be included in your property management website in order for it to generate leads.
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