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Commercial Property Management: What to Expect in 2017?

Author Laura Kranauskaite  Laura
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2016 with all of its expected and unexpected things, ups and downs are gone and before one can notice, we are deep into 2017 with new expectations, challenges, plans, strategies and all of the presents the year brings.

Commercial Property Management industry does not change that much every year in general, but some things change, new trends are coming, thus in order to be efficient and successful this year, you need to be prepared for the year to come.

So, let‘s overlook the trends that 2017 brings to commercial property management industry in short.

  1. Economy and the real estate market: 2017 will be better than 2016


  1. Demand for office space: increasing demand for prime locations


  1. Demand for retail space: traditional retail holds online retail end up


  1. Demand for industrial space: industrial properties are on the rise


  1. Expect the unexpected: how will Brexit and Donald Trump affect real estate


  1. Technology: Driving Change in Real Estate


Download the full  Whitepaper “CPM: What to Expect in 2017?” and learn all about trends, tendencies and challenges in 2017 in detail.






Every year comes with its challenges for property managers. 2017 brings its own trends and tendencies and it only depends on you as to whether it becomes a year of challenges or advantages for you and your property business.

In a world of uncertainty, it is important to be prepared for what’s coming. Ultimately, despite all the uncertainty, the economy seems to be rising, along with the commercial real estate industry. What are your next steps to prepare for the things to come? Prepare the right ammunition to fight what might cause you problems and turn them into your advantages. May 2017 be a year of growth and success!


Read more about how to prepare for every specific trend in our upcoming blogs. Subscribe to our news, and get prepared for a battle with the property-management challenges that are coming!

I, at any rate, cannot wait to learn more. Can you?



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