How software for commercial property management can benefit your relations with tenants

Data: 2021.05.27

In the world of business, relationships go a long way. If you’re able to stay on good terms with your clients and attract new customers, you’re definitely going to have a higher chance of creating a sustainable and profitable business model. So, commercial property managers are no exception from this rule. In this article, we’re going to show you at least a few benefits of how software for commercial property manager influences your relations with tenants and can improve them. As an example, we’ll be looking at the features of one of the leading solutions of property management software for commercial property owners – SOFT4RealEstate.

It helps you meet deadlines

From the standpoint of your business, meeting deadlines is one of the more crucial elements in maintaining a good working relationship with your clients. Meeting deadlines consists of discipline in-house, proper planning for the near or far future as well as having the right tools to stick to your agenda/schedule.

The first tools which come to mind are obviously software for project management or – software for commercial property management. The latter offers much more functionality for your business when compared to the former. Whereas you get tons of different features and modules with programs like SOFT4RealEstate, apps purely for project and task management are much more restrictive.

How do property management apps help? To begin with, they have a wide array of templates to make a lot of administrative work, easier. Furthermore, in addition to saving time by utilizing templates and pre-built calculators, businesses can also benefit from having modules and features which are already compliant with local or other regulations which are in power. To add even more benefits, forget about manually sending out bills and invoices. The software is more than capable to collect all of the necessary data, group it and prepare bills, invoices and send them out with only a few clicks. And even that’s not all.

The flexible and time-saving software solution can also deal with legal documents, informing you about the urge to renew certain contracts, having a template on stand-by for new customers, etc. This wide array of features reduces the strain of administrative workload on your staff while simultaneously speeding up processes and helping you meet deadlines. And that’s just one of the benefits which commercial for small business software for property management can offer. Just to be clear, both large and small businesses can benefit.

Software for commercial property management optimizes relative data sharing

SOFT4RealEstate – software for commercial property management is developed on top of the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (formerly known as NAV) platform. This means that it offers a familiar feel and vibe to Microsoft Suite applications that everyone in the business world is familiar with – Excel, Word, etc. What is this quality best for? We think that for data exchange and data sharing in-house and with 3rd parties. Whether it’s the tax authority in your country, the shareholders, potential investors or just another department within your organization, using SOFT4RealEstate, every user can generate reports and charts, crunch numbers, export as well as import different files into the system and streamline data as well as document exchange.

In the long run, this benefits your company by saving a lot of valuable working hours. Instead of having your staff members endlessly try and finish tasks that don’t create any added value, you can allocate resources to different areas in order to optimize company spending. Regardless of which way you look at it, these features of property management software for commercial property owners are very useful both right now and further down the road.

A self-service portal for everyone’s convenience

How do you invoice, communicate and notify your tenants? If you do it manually or have your staff spend hours upon hours trying to do it, property management software comes to the rescue. Instead of worrying about costly human error in case someone forgets to send a document or if it’s lost in translation somewhere, the self-service portal is just a blessing to have.

Within the portal, your clients/tenants can see the information which is relevant to them. For example, the software will automatically send out invoices on the due date. Furthermore, you can have an easier time trying to send out newsletters, updates, notices, or inquiries. The portal is fully integrated with the computer program meaning that tenants can log in and see archived, historic data to keep track of things like spending and have some insights as well.

This eliminates endless backs and forths through emails or other communication channels which are so hard to keep track of.

Get the most benefit from maintenance

Commercial property owners and managers know the importance and ever-looming necessity for maintenance work, repairs, renovation, etc. Over time, this does amount to a lot, which means that an opportunity to reduce costs could be very valuable. Luckily, SOFT4 Real Estate does have a separate module that acts kind of like its separate mini system within the main application. You can utilize it by using the module, for example, as a bidding software for commercial cleaning or other services. Compare offers, and choose the best one from the lot.

What is more, property managers can simplify CAM (Common Area Maintenance) calculation by taking advantage of the available tools. You can link them with other maintenance systems and control the fees as well as tracking expenses for every single lot, area, store, tenant, group of tenants, etc. And finally, users of the program can schedule work orders, delegate tasks, and do a lot more to solve maintenance and repair-related issues with greater efficiency. Both managers and tenants can request maintenance/repairs. The administrator sees the request and can take action immediately or delegate the task to a responsible specialist within your staff.