How to stay competitive in today’s market: interview with Kat Wuethrich, Admiral Consulting Group

Data: 2017.01.25

Interviewed by Ugne Kontare, Business Development Manager at SOFT4


Kat Wuethrich is a Client Relations Associate at Admiral Consulting Group, a Certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner in the US. Admiral Consulting Group provides proven business software solutions to growth, midsize and small enterprise clients who are evaluating a transition to a SAAS, hosted or on-premises solution.

Kat manages the customer experience of Admiral’s existing and future clients, creating a space for them to express concerns, have their needs met and expectations exceeded.

Soft4: Kat, how did the story between Admiral and SOFT4 start?

Kat Wuethrich: Admiral’s relationship with Soft4 began with a search for a Leasing Solution. While that idea did not move forward (editorial note: actually that prospect came back later, after this interview was written and we are setting the project together), it was instrumental in establishing our connection. Shortly thereafter, Soft4 approached us about supporting the Soft4RealEstate product – solution for commercial and mixed property management companies.

S4: What encouraged you to trust Lithuanians and Soft4RealEstate?

K.W.: The Soft4RE team is warm, welcoming and accommodating. Despite the challenges you may expect from a time difference and a language barrier, SOFT4 works past that with a strong commitment to our success. The team is always available for any support we need, even if that means starting a demo long after the official work day has ended.

Additionally, a well-developed and user friendly web presence, including videos and blogs, makes it easy to access information for use both internally and for our clients. The Member Area has a wealth of information to support sales, marketing, training and development allowing Admiral Consulting to take ownership of the product.

S4: What is the success factor of Microsoft Dynamics NAV resellers (VARs) working with the vertical solutions, as per your experience?

K.W.: Vertical solutions like Soft4RealEstate enable Admiral Consulting to differentiate among the Partner Network and gain a competitive edge. A laser focus on an industry like Property Management, for example, allows Admiral to create conversations with our marketing efforts that are super relevant to our prospects. Through blog posts, nurture marketing and social sales, vertical solutions help establish Admiral as a Thought Leader thereby garnering trust within the industry.

S4:What are your thoughts about the Soft4RealEstate solution, do you see it a competitive solution in the US market, which is highly competitive itself?

K.W.: The Soft4RealEstate solution is incredibly competitive in the US market. We are seeing a steady stream of interest in the product and the feedback has been very positive. One of the main selling points for the Soft4 solution is the fact that the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system can accommodate multiple companies. For Property Management firms that also have holding companies, real estate trusts and other businesses to track, Soft4RealEState can streamline that effort by providing a single source of information.

S4: As NAV VAR’s, what are your main business challenges in the market? Marketing, sales, projects, support, other? Is it possible for today’s VAR to survive with standard NAV, without industry specific solutions?

K.W.: The growing trend for NAV resellers is to carve a niche market through specialization and ISV solutions that meet industry specific needs. As access to information becomes easier, our prospects are engaging VARs further along in the buying stage than ever before. Getting in front of these companies and creating strong brand awareness early on in their discovery process is crucial.

S4: I know that many prospects in the US market are looking for the cloud solutions. What are your thoughts on how cloud trends will change your market; what will be the consequences if any, for the market, NAV partners, customers?

K.W.: For many companies, legacy systems with drawn out implementations are a thing of the past. In order to stay relevant for the modern business world, Admiral is using this trend toward cloud solutions as an opportunity to help our clients define their business roadmap through the lens of digital transformation. Companies who fail to adapt to the changing market will have limited opportunities for growth.

S4:  Thanks, Kat and looking forward to our fruitful cooperation!