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Soft4RealEstate is built on the powerful yet flexible Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, so our histories are tightly related. The story of NAV started back in 1984. The story of Soft4RealEstate began in 2008 when the first projects were completed for property management companies on the NAV platform.

2017 Soft4RealEstate upgraded to NAV 2017, release S4RE100
2016 MS Dynamics NAV 2017: (“10.00”)
2016 First project in Australia started for Fleetwood company. NAV partner ERP Werx
2016 First project in Hong Kong started. NAV partner Tectura 
2016 First Soft4RealEstate project in The Kingdom of Bahrain for Baisan Real Estate Development company. (Implemented just in 3 days!) NAV partner Almoayed Services
2016 First Soft4RealEstate project in Sweden, STAY Sthml. Over 400 apartments managed in Stokholm. NAV partner Orango
2016 Microsoft Project “Madeira
2016  Soft4RealEstate upgraded to NAV 2016, release S4RE90, solution certified
2015 Tenant portal was developed and connected to Soft4RealEstate.
2015 Soft4RealEstate made cloud-ready.
2015 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016: (“9.00”)
2014 – 2015 First international Soft4RealEstate implementation for E.L.L Group in Estonia. Group companies located in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. NAV partner BCS Itera.
2014 Soft4RealEstate implementation for Prekybos miestelis Urmas (Kaunas, Lithuania).
2014 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015: (“8.00”). Soft4RealEstate upgraded on NAV 2015, version SL33.
2011 – 2012 Soft4RealEstate project for Invalda Group (based in Lithuania). More than 40 companies that manage commercial properties and lands for rent.
2012 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013: (“7.00”) 2013, (“7.1”) 2013 R2.
2008 First RealEstate project in largest shopping centers in Lithuania – Akropolis Group. That was the beginning of what is now called Soft4RealEstate.
2008 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009: (“6.00”)
2007 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.00
2004 Microsoft Business Solutions NAV 4.00
2003 Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 3.70
2002 Navision Attain 3.01; 3.60
2001 Navision Solutions 3.00
1995 – 2000 Navision Financials 1.00 – 2.60
DOS based:  
1987-1990  Navigator: 1.xx, 2.xx, 3.xx
1984 PC Plus
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