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We see a paradox: technologies that are meant to help businesses are instead limiting their ability to grow. Therefore, the Soft4RealEstate Product Team is constantly thinking about how to develop the product in today’s changing environment, and how to make it even more useful for property management companies.

2 times a year, we gather all the useful features from various projects and customers’ requests and decide which should be included in the next Soft4RealEstate release. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics NAV – the platform our solution is built on – is constantly being developed by Microsoft and a new release appears each year.

What’s new:

Name of Release: S4RE102 (released 2018-03-30)

Improvements made:

  • Soft4RealEstate solution is now based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 CU16 version, but is also compatible with NAV 2018.
  • The Maintenance Tasks functionality will allow users to quickly create and see upcoming periodic activities related to property assets. For example, periodic elevator or smoke detector checks, grass cutting and so on.
  • Easier CAM (Common area maintenance) cost distribution for tenants. Now it is possible to assign costs to a property or particular lease unit directly from the purchase invoice or credit memo, so manual price calculation will not be needed for such costs.
  • Improved Invoice Emailing allows different email texts to be set up for different languages. If you have tenants from various countries, you can now set up emailing texts for each of them.
  • Usability improvements such as simplified pages or more background control will reduce human mistakes and error messages.
  • More details on the Lease Contract card will let you define warranty types and dates, contract extension or termination periods.
  • Bug fixes and technical improvements.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Roadmap:

… back from 1987.

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