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We see a paradox: technologies that are meant to help businesses are instead limiting their ability to grow. Therefore, the Soft4RealEstate Product Team is constantly thinking about how to develop the product in today’s changing environment, and how to make it even more useful for property management companies.

2 times a year, we gather all the useful features from various projects and customers’ requests and decide which should be included in the next Soft4RealEstate release. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics NAV – the platform our solution is built on – is constantly being developed by Microsoft and a new release appears each year.

What’s new:

Name of Release: S4RE101 (released 2017-05-26)

Improvements made:

  • Upgraded to the newest Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 CU06 version. Integration and simplicity are keywords in the new version of NAV. Read more about the new capabilities provided by NAV 2017 for Property Management companies here.
  • Possibility to enter Work Orders through the Tenant Portal. This will allow your tenants to create requests that would automatically appear in Soft4RealEstate system!
  • Improved Document Templates functionality allows users to upload MS Word document templates and use data from the system to fill information to specific places in the document.
  • Other improvements such as calculated charges comparison with previous period straight from the service journal that will make your daily work easier.
  • Faster and easier setup of a new company, due to the removal of some unused functionality.


What’s coming in the next release (Q1, 2018)?

We are improving Soft4RealEstate solution constantly, so that our customers can benefit the most and increase the efficiency of their property management. If it is important for YOU, it is important for us, too! So, these features will be released in near future:

  • Easier CAM fees distribution to tenants will reduce human mistakes and will require less manual work.
  • Upgraded role center will give you more information and details in main screen of the system.
  • Improved invoice emailing will allow you to see overview of invoices to be sent.
  • Other technical improvements that will make solution easier to deploy.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Roadmap:

… back from 1987.




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