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SOFT4 has more than 10 years of experience in business software design and development intended for the world’s commercial, retail and mixed property management market.

The Soft4 team, together with local partners, participates in property business analysis and implementation all over the world. We spend an average of 3,072 hours developing the Soft4RealEstate product and have new releases enhanced with even more powerful property management functions 1 to 3 times per year.

You talk, we listen. Therefore, Soft4RealEstate is fast to implement and easy to use software. With each release, we improve the user’s experience and satisfaction.


92% of our customers are highly satisfied with Soft4 and our local partners’ services and are willing to recommend us to others.*


We strive for each customer to become a reference, therefore, we assure 100% success in Soft4RealEstate implementation. And then we enjoy words like this:


“We are very happy with the Soft4 team, and have never had a problem in working with them and discussing our needs in depth. As our business grows, I believe we will need some more development and support in future – and I feel confident that the Soft4 team will be able to meet all the requirements we might have. Their know-how in both the property management business and technology is a strong side of Soft4.”

Thomas Graffman, CFO at Stay in Sweden AB


We are proud to be a Microsoft certified add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV – the platform that Soft4RealEstate is built on, which for nearly 30 years, has been delivering the capabilities, performance, and ease of use that power more than 110,000 diverse businesses with more than a million users in over 40 countries.


With our many years of experience in participating in small and large property management software projects, both by ourselves and with our partners, we are looking forward to enabling you to benefit from your investment in new technologies.


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* According to SOFT4 Annual Customer Satisfaction survey.


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