CUSTOMER STORY: for business management Sirin Development chose SOFT4RealEstate & Microsoft Business Central


Sirin Development is one of the largest developers of logistics real estate (RE) in the Baltic States; their areas of activity include development and management of logistics centres, implementation of build-to-suit projects, purchase and lease of industrial real estate, and land acquisition. After more than 15 years of activity, the company manages 260,000 square meters of logistics real estate in Lithuania and Latvia. Sirin Development is the only company from the Baltic countries to be included in a TOP 20 ranking of the largest logistics real estate developers in Europe compiled by PropertyEU Magazine.


The accounting (allocation of costs) of Sirin Development for tenants was done in Microsoft Excel, which became very difficult to administer over time, and with changes in human resources. As the number of objects increased, the amount of data expanded rapidly; there was a miscommunication between the accounting and property management departments, and some work was done twice (taking purchase invoices and splitting them later).

Customer impressions

What led to the decision to choose the Business Central and SOFT4RealEstate solution?

Valdas Vosylius:

The main impetus was that property management is in the same system as accounting. This way we solved complicated process and integration issues between several departments.


What main benefits of this transition can you identify?

Valdas Vosylius:

A huge advantage of the system is the automation of repeated calculations. A unified system improves data control, eliminates miscommunication between accounting and asset management departments, maintains know-how during personnel changes, and has the entire data history at hand.


How would you assess the cooperation with the Softera team?

Valdas Vosylius:

Even after facing the specifics of Sirin Development’s business and its not-quite-standard tasks, the team always tried to provide friendly assistance, convey the best practices and look for solutions, thus adapting the system to the needs of Sirin Development with as few changes as possible. For all those who are planning digitalisation projects and aiming for a smooth cooperation, I advise that it is important to pay a lot of attention to the initial phase of the project (explanation of system principles, training, examples and understanding of needs).