What is commercial property management?

Commercial property management is an area of business which is focused around management of properties in order to generate income. It is actually a business type which consists of many different small objectives. For example, there is the necessity to send out invoices, manage legal agreements, do marketing, plan maintenance, keep the facilities and infrastructure up-to-date, etc.

In general, commercial properties are usually managed by separate organizations or teams. The goal of commercial property management is to maximize economic gain from renting, leasing or allowing the use of particular commercial space. More often than not, commercial property management is very demanding in terms of administrative resources. This is why managers of large spaces with numerous tenants and lease agreements look to implement software solutions like SOFT4RealEstate to simplify and streamline day-to-day and more challenging managerial objectives.

What does commercial property management do?

Commercial property management is usually focused around three main objectives

Efficiently leasing and renting all available space units to clients
Maintaining good relationships with the clients
Maintaining the property

And there are, of course, many other tasks. However, they can fall under the umbrella of these three. If a business is able to appropriately take care of finding clients, maintaining a good working relationship with them and offering high-quality facilities in exchange for financial benefit, it will achieve success.

Commercial property management is usually focused around retail space leasing in malls, shopping spaces or other buildings. It’s very maintenance-intensive as tenants have high demands for the attractiveness of the property. This is why the competition between property managers is very high in the commercial niche. In big metropolises’ as well as growing cities, managers need every bit of edge they can use for business benefits. SOFT4RealEstate can be such an edge!

How to choose a commercial property management software?

First and foremost, there has to be a definite need for such a tool in your company. If you only generate a few invoices each month and have less than a handful of tenants or just one commercial space to lease, buying software is hardly justifiable. In general, software solutions must be tailored or ready-to-be tailored to your specific and individual needs.

Your search for the best software should begin from seeking out options with the right functionality. Look for tools that focus on the most time-consuming areas of your work, e.g. invoicing, billing, newsletter and marketing material preparation, legal documentation, accounting, etc. If the software tool ticks all the boxes to streamline your everyday activities and can help save time as well as money, you should definitely consider licensing such software.

What is property management?

Property management is a line of business when owners or operators of real estate properties look to lease and/or rent their properties for economic benefit. Most shopping malls, office spaces and other properties with numerous rented spaces are usually owned and/or operated as well as managed by businesses, which are specializing in this particular area.

Property management is a very multi-faceted business, combining the need for management, accounting, legal, marketing, customer relations and many other business areas. The key to success in this line of business is usually attributed to maintaining good relations with tenants, flexible pricing, on-time maintenance of facilities and properties. Overseeing that everything goes smoothly and that the properties are bringing in economic benefit is difficult without specific software solutions like SOFT4RealEstate.

What is property management software?

Property management software is a digital tool or a group of digital tools, used to handle all kinds of administrative and similar challenges faced by property management companies. They range from administration, all the way to accounting, reporting, etc.

Depending on the software, it can be tailored and designed to handle very different areas of the business. However, when it comes to SOFT4RealEstate, it’s designed for versatility, adaptability and scalability. SOFT4RealEstate can grow with your business. Add in new users or integrate new modules per request to make the most of your user experience.

If you want to know more about SOFT4RealEstate and how this property management software can benefit your organization, you can refer to our case studies, references or go through the product tour, one-by-one analyzing all features of this software and seeing the perks of becoming a user.

What is the best property management software?

Although we cannot be biased, we would definitely like to acknowledge the benefits of using SOFT4RealEstate, Microsoft Dynamics-based property management software.

First and foremost, it’s very versatile. This means that you can implement it on the cloud for simple remote access or have installed on-premises. User-friendly interface will eliminate a painful and paralyzing transition from one software to another as your employees will have an easier time adapting to something that looks and feels familiar. Furthermore, a wide array of tailor-made features will help deal with most common day-to-day administrative tasks for property managers. Automated invoicing, a self-service portal for your tenants, one-click report generation and many others save precious company time.

Get in touch and don’t hesitate to request a live demo or a free trial of the app to see how it could benefit your business!

What is Microsoft Dynamics property management?

Microsoft Dynamics is a business-oriented platform and versatile SaaS suite, which can be tailored and used for various business needs. SOFT4RealEstate is a Microsoft Dynamics-based property management tool with a wide array of modules, tools and services, designed to increase the efficiency of management tasks.

A lot of companies all over the world use cloud-based or on-premises Microsoft Dynamics management tools. Being from the Microsoft Family, the Dynamics ERP and CRM tools will have that familiar feel which we all know from Excel, Word, Outlook and other apps, frequently used in the business world.

SOFT4RealEstate has the tools and templates to ease the workload for your team. Manage all lease unit groups or individual units, keep in touch with tenants, easily send out invoices, arrange maintenance work and calculate costs, delegate tasks between your organization and save tens of hours each week.

What is a SOFT4RealEstate system?

SOFT4RealEstate is a highly integrated, flexible, “all-in-one” business software for commercial property management companies; it helps commercial property managers to carry out their job more efficiently

Is cloud a better model than an on-premises solution?

Cloud offers many advantages over on-premises content management. It is simple. No hardware to buy. No software to install. No upfront fees. No need to resource IT staff. No worries about downtime, backups, or recovery. Just log into your browser and you are there. However, it is up to the company’s policy – if you have an IT department and all infrastructure in place, it might be reasonable to have an on-premises solution, as this usually provides richer functionality and technical capabilities than cloud systems.

What about security? Do you share my personal information with others?

You do not have to worry about this. You can be sure that your data is secure with us. We are very responsible when it comes to safeguarding your data; we do it very seriously. Soft4RealEstate has additional security controls that enable secure authentication, provide advanced logging of user activity, and allow administrators to control who has access to highly sensitive documents. Multiple firewall layers ensure the highest levels of protection against intrusion and security vulnerabilities. We use industry-standard encryption to make good on that pledge. You can read more about the cloud service security here. Soft4RealEstate will never share your personal information with anyone else.

What countries will SOFT4RealEstate work in?

There is no country where the SOFT4RealEstate system cannot be used. It will work anywhere in the world.

How many users can use the software within a company?

You can have as many users as you want, as well as an unlimited number of companies, buildings, and lease units in the system.

Does SOFT4RealEstate handle only commercial / retail properties? Can I use Soft4RealEstate to manage my residential property portfolio?

Definitely. Why not? We created Soft4RealEstate for managing commercial property but residential property managers have all the features they need in order to successfully manage residential property as well. Residential property managers who manage a medium to large property portfolio will benefit the most.

What type of commercial property management companies is SOFT4RealEstate good for?

It is best for managing shopping centers/malls, office, industrial and warehouse spaces as well as airports. These types of commercial management business usually need more complex business requirements than others. However, it can definitely satisfy the needs of other types of property managers, too.

What are the system and technical requirements to access SOFT4RealEstate?

We do not set any requirements for our clients. Only two things are important:
• Supported operating system (for a Windows Client):
o Windows 8.1 Professional or Enterprise (64-bit edition).
o Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise (64-bit edition).
o Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise (64-bit edition).
o Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Essentials (64-bit edition).
o Windows Server 2012 Standard or Essentials (64-bit edition).
o Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit edition).
• Supported browsers (for a Web Client):
o Internet Explorer 10.
o Google Chrome 36.0 for Windows.
o Mozilla Firefox 31.0 for Windows.
o Safari 7.1 on iOS (iPad).
o Safari 7.0 on OSX.
The latest versions of these browsers are also supported

Web Client vs Windows Client?

The term “Web Client” means that an application runs in a browser like IE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. The alternative to that is Windows Client, which means an application running within Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.) on your desktop or notebook.
Soft4RealEstate Web Client provides you with access to your data over a network, such as the Internet. From a web browser, you can view and modify data from a user-friendly interface that resembles Windows Client, where the starting point is a Role Center. Web Client does not replace Windows Client but complements it by enabling scenarios that are not possible with Windows Client – e.g. using the Soft4RealEstate on Mac. On the other hand, Windows Client provides you with more functionality and in some cases is more stable than Web Client.

Can I install SOFT4RealEstate on my computer?

Yes, if you are using Windows Client. Nope, if you are using Web Client.

What is CRM software in Real Estate?

SOFT4RealEstate is integrated with real estate CRM software which allows tracking and monitoring leads and opportunities in the pipeline for all vacant premises and whether there are enough opportunities to achieve sales goals. See lists of potential clients who are interested in specific premises. Get a better understanding as to whether certain deals need special attention and what actions are needed to close more sales.