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Better Together: Pet Friendly Office Space

More and more companies embrace pet friendly office policy. Despite the obvious fact that puppies are adorable, some may wonder - what pets are doing in the workplaces?

Property Management Horror Stories

October comes to an end and you start missing Halloween. The charm and mystery of a time when people are buying scary costumes, carving pumpkins and looking for spooky movies to watch and horror stories to read. Get ready for some spooky stories that would give you chills and make any property manager sleep with the lights on.

How technology trends are transforming commercial real estate industry?

Technology has found its way into almost every aspect of our lives. And we are getting used to it. Technology makes life fast, efficient and less costly. It impacts all industries and can also reshape the face of commercial real estate. So what technological trends are worth integrating into today’s property management routines?

Why does a Property Management company need both front and back office systems?

Larger companies might have different systems for front office and back office operations, smaller ones may use only excel sheets. But the processes are more-or-less similar for every PM company. I would say that despite the company's size, all of them need to have both front and back office management systems. Why? Read in this article.
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