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Maximize occupancy levels and manage your tenants effectively. Create unit tree view and keep all the information related to your properties or buildings in rental property management software.

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Create your rental property management structure

Lease unit management feature allows the creation of a multilevel unit structure, as well as the expansion and collapsing of a unit tree view. It is possible to have building, floor and unit data, or create even more levels as per your business.

Easily manage tenant information

Have all the tenant data in one place. With tenant management software store all the tenant related information: legal name, addresses, billing information, contacts for communication, personal data (as per GDPR requirements) etc. Add different contacts for one tenant.

Fast lease contract management and creation

Lease contract management software allows to set contract starting and ending dates, assign customer and leased unit, set prices for various services. One contract can include multiple services or lease units. Set up reminders based on contract dates. The system checks on data consistency and completeness, and provides a clear list if anything is missing.

Calculate Common Area Maintenance fees

Real estate software allows to calculate common area maintenance fees and allocate those amounts to the tenants. Use different allocation methods depending on the type of costs: administration, taxes, maintenance, utilities etc. to create monthly CAM fees and distribute accordingly.

Create and track work orders

Register Tenant’s requests and queries for repair, renovation, maintenance, and other similar type of tasks. Using work orders module easily track customers’ requests, create work orders and assign responsible employees. Review and schedule work orders and appointments’ dates.

Plan maintenance work

Plan and track maintenance work. Assign tasks to a person in charge or create a recurring maintenance schedule for such works as assets inspection, elevator/AC checks, etc.: and keep track of assets maintenance history.

Manage deposits with greater accuracy

Ensure the real estate deposit meets the contract terms by specifying each deposit that has to be paid. Also, keep track of every deposit amount that actually has been paid.

Get paid on time – Track tenant debts and payment history

Tenant management software allows to setup different bank accounts for the tenants. Track due invoices, late payments, balance and credit history. Automate critical processes with real estate billing software. Invoices can be sent in bulk to all tenants using the “Invoice Sending by Email” function; Tenants will receive them in PDF format.

Gain better insights about your business

SOFT4RealEstate provides real-time real estate data analytics: reporting by territories, buildings, sites or units as well as detailed rent, lease status, sales and financial reports.

Maintain effective communication using tenant portal software

Save time spent on communication with tenants and use automated actions: let the tenants fill in work orders request, submit turnovers and check their contracts’ information, invoices and payments online. Manage tenants redirection to responsible parties, while providing with relevant contacts for certain queries.

Track meter readings

Setup meters, build their structure and track meter readings. Assign multiple lease units to one or several meters; set different allocations to distribute those amounts and use import/ export for posting the consumption.

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