What’s New in March Release?

SOFT4RealEstate new version, release date 2024 March

Have access to the new features as soon as they’re released!

NEW Features in SOFT4RealEstate:

  • Meter ID can be used for different meter scales. For example, if there’s one electricity meter calculating different tariffs, it can be entered as one meter in the system and have separate Meter ID’s assigned. Meter ledger entries would have Meter ID value so that the meter readings data file is appended with Meter ID as well.
  • Meter Ledger Entry cancellation. It is now possible to Cancel Meter Ledger Entry. This would set Difference and Quantity to 0, and mark such entry as Cancelled. Such entries would not be used in any calculations or meter data export. Therefore, meter readings data export template updated, to export the latest meter reading as reading from (instead of the highest reading) and export all Meter ID’s as separate lines.


  • It is now possible to delete Lease Unit Ledger Entry (area change entry). Previously it was not possible to delete wrong Lease Unit Ledger entry in case the is a mistake in posting date or size. Now, incorrect entries can be deleted.
  • Meter Journal actions redesigned.
  • Lease Deposit report will now show Contract No., list of all Lease Units in the contract and total unit area if there are multiple units in a contract.
  • New column ‘Notice Date’ in Contract Dates report Renewals section.
  • Global Dimension fields added to Lease Contract API.
  • Updated Usage Categories on Pages and Reports to have accurate results when using global search.
  • Updated Meter Journal error message regarding overlapped readings to show Meter No. and other related information.
  • Added possibility to select which contract lines’ Expiration date should be updated when changing Lease Contract Valid Until date.
  • Added possibility to assign a Service Group to a Service card. This Service Group value would also appear on Sales Invoice or Credit Memo.
  • New integration events created.
  • Updated Lithuanian translations.


  • Meter ID and Lease Unit Meter coefficients will be multiplied when entering meter readings or importing from file.
  • Lease Contract termination control changes – it will now allow to terminate Lease Contract for earlier date if there are no Open Service Ledger entries for future periods. Previously, such entries must have been reversed.
  • App licensing changes – users that are not listed in SOFT4 Users list can access Lease Contract List and Lease Unit List in order to select one of those values in standard Business Central documents such as Sales or Purchase Invoices. However, such users are not able to open Lease Contract or Lease Unit card.

Bug fixes:

  • Service Price filtering issues in Lithuanian language interface.
  • Lease Unit Cost entry dimension fix. (Global dimension fields were not populated based on Purchase Invoice Line dimensions).
  • Lease Contract Line dimensions fix. Global dimension fields were not populated.
  • Lease Area Map bugfix. Some Lease Unit ‘bubbles’ were not visible.
  • Lithuanian language bug fix.
  • Deletion of Lease Contract will delete all related discounts.
  • Service Journal recalculation bug fix regarding Cancelled ledger entries to be excluded from previous period dates check.
  • Price indexation bug fixes. Prices that have Indexation Calc. Starting date later than price expiration date would not be indexed. Termination of lease contract would remove price indexation date if a price is being terminated earlier.

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    What’s Coming?

    SOFT4RealEstate What’s Coming – 2024
    Have access to the new features as soon as they’re released!


    What’s Coming in SOFT4RealEstate:

    • Improved UI/UX. More role centers that can be used on mobile device by the users who don’t use PC/laptop much. Simplified pages for easier usage of the app.
    • More detailed cost analysis per Lease Unit. Each expense can be allocated to a property or unit, and this would appear on Lease Unit Ledger.
    • Reconciliation improvements will allow you to run this process smoothly with more possibilities – reconcile single contract, run reconciliation not only for property but also for a Lease Unit Group and more.
    • SOFT4RealEstate Help in BC. Users can access specific area manuals directly from the BC window.
    • Price Indexation process improvements will let you send Indexation letters for the tenants as well as it would index required Deposit amounts based on Rent price indexation.