Better Together: Pet Friendly Office Space

Data: 2017.11.21

We love our pets. They’re our companions. We consider them to be part of our family, talk to them, and even give them birthday presents. So no wonder it’s becoming increasingly common to see our furry friends at our workplaces.

More and more companies are embracing a pet-friendly office policy. Google, for instance, has a corporate dog policy, allowing to take canine pets to work. There, these barking friends are even taken care of by caregivers. Meanwhile, at Amazon, the company’s furry mates are featured on special landing page called Dogs of Amazon that lets visitors know their names, age, favorite toys and ages and the times of day they get a doggie treat. But it’s not only large companies that embrace canine-friendly offices; smaller ones follow the same path.

Despite the obvious fact that puppies are adorable, some might be wondering – what pets are doing in the workplaces?

Pros of office dogs

More smiles and chatty conversations are an obvious benefits of pet friendly office policy. Moreover, it’s healthy. How come? Studies shown that having a dog by your side lowers your stress level, heart rate and blood pressure. Not only that – researchers say that pets contributes to wellness in the workplace. Psychologists at Central Michigan University conclude that pet appearance increase cooperation and other positive behaviors among members of work groups. People spend more time together, for example when they take the dogs for a walk. To put it simply, furry companions are ice-breakers that build a bond between co-workers and increase morale.

Also, pet owners become more productive when they have their dogs by their side.  People are willing to work longer hours when they don’t have to worry about a pet who’s lonely and hungry at home. On the other hand, some might argue that dogs become another source of distraction at work as they require constant attention and care throughout the day.

Things to consider

Of course, with pets there comes great responsibility. And not only for the furry friend owners, but for commercial property landlords and property managers as well. Unfortunately, some downsides are more serious than coping with barking or food stealing.

Creating leash rules, keeping carpets and floors clean – there are many things that should be taken into account. Also, a dog friendly policy may require some additional changes in managed office building: doggy-bathroom facilities, air filtration systems for workers with allergies, a dedicated spot for pets to play and sleep. So office owners and property managers have a serious task on their hands if they are to create and enforce a comprehensive pet policy.

Pooches are a source of joy, trust and friendship. That’s why bringing dogs to work can often become a part of a company’s culture. Of course, before welcoming our furry friends into our workplaces, let’s consider all the details and think whether everyone included in the process benefits. Including our barking companions.

Is bringing pets to work a good idea? Would you like to take your best friend to work every day? Maybe you work in a pet friendly office or manage this kind of office space? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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