WEBINAR | Your accounting and property management– ALL-IN-ONE system

Data: 2023.09.08

If you are working in the property management industry, the best way to optimize your processes is to choose the right system. If you want your business always to be a step ahead – moving to the Cloud and connect your accounting with property management is something you should consider.

In this webinar organized by SOFT4 and Admiral Consulting Group, we present the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud benefits and show you the SOFT4RealEstate solution for successful property management. Learn why it is worth connecting to an accounting system with features built specifically for the property management industry.

 During the webinar, we will discuss the following topics:

  • The value of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud
  • How to be one step ahead and stay current on the latest technology
  • The benefits of an all-in-one accounting and property management system

You will also see Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud and SOFT4RealEstate systems in action.

A Q&A session will be held at the end of the webinar.

Join live webinar on
September 28th
10:00 AM / EST