Customer Success Story – NUMAI

Data: 2020.08.10

Having started operations in May 2019, NUMAI is the first independent provider of “Rent to Buy” service in the Baltic States. NUMAI are among the largest buyers of residential housing in Lithuania. During the first year of operation, the “Rent to Buy” platform NUMAI increased their managed portfolio to 3.5 million EUR, and intend to have 10 million EUR at the end of 2020. NUMAI have selected the SOFT4RealEstate system for their real estate management.

Aurimas Čiagus, the Head and co-owner of NUMAI, answers questions on the choice and its reasons.

1. What reasons determined the search for a new real estate system?

As the real estate portfolio grew, we looked for a solution on how to effectively organize the portfolio management, as simple means were no longer sufficient to manage the processes. Due to our non-standard business model, we were looking for both a reliable and sufficiently flexible solution. While looking for a real estate solution, we saw that real estate management models were usually inflexible (i.e., unable to make changes), or were provided by suppliers with doubtful business continuity. Moreover, the seamless integration of real estate management with the accounting software was among the key reasons for the decision.

2. What reasons determined your selection of the SOFT4RealEstate solution?

  • The good practice, as I have already had a positive experience with SOFT4 during the previous project.
  • Integration with the accounting software.
  • Flexibility in tailoring the SOFT4RealEstate solution to our individual needs.
  • Reliable business continuity: reliable SOFT4RealEstate customer base, Microsoft environment, sales person experience.

3. How have operations changed after implementing the SOFT4RealEstate solution?

The key advantages we have noticed after having implemented SOFT4RealEstate are:

  • Higher efficiency operations and lower error probability.
  • Considerable reduction in manual operations and in communication with colleagues to get information.
  • Now we have all information in one location: the customers, sites, the company real estate, information, and documents. We can quickly and easily find the required information and control documents and data.
  • We bill all our customers with one click.
  • We monitor customer solvency in real-time.
  • After making investments into the leased property, the system automatically and timely recalculates lease payments.
  • Analyzing the company’s financial data is easy, both monitoring the active and passive real estate ratio, and our monthly rental earnings, etc.



As NUMAI real estate portfolio grew, we started to look for the best solution for managing and monitoring the company processes in real-time and improving our internal communication. We are happy to share, that we have found a reliable partner SOFT4 and have implemented the SOFT4RealEstate management tool – fluent integration with the accounting system, flexibility for our specific individual needs and a strong team of professionals who know their field and the real estate market. The tool enables us to have all the information in one place: customers, real estate objects, contracts, finance, and much more. Now we can be more efficient with our analysis and focus our time on strategic decisions and serving our clients’ needs.

– Aurimas Čiagus, CEO and co-owner of NUMAI

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