Drive greater efficiency with property management program

Data: 2021.02.09

Thinking about how to speed up your business and reduce operational costs? Property management program can help you in reaching this and several more company’s goals. Tailored specifically to meet the requirements of industrial property management industry, this solution provides everything you need in one place. Leasing, maintenance and accounting tools, up-to-date information and statistical features, comprehensive expense management, lease tracking and flexible billing. What’s more? You will get to know soon.

In this post I will distinguish three main aspects of the property management program, enlighten its benefits and give you examples on how this solution can be irreplaceable in daily work of property management company.

Real-time property reporting and tools for property analytics

Smart and timely decisions are completely dependent on data which is collected. The more information you have, the more accurate and specific business goals and main actions are. Using real-time property reporting and tools for property analytics you can enjoy easy access real time analytical and financial reporting and statistics by territory, building, sites or units as well as detailed rent, lease status, sales and financial reports.

Furthermore, reporting module allows you to enjoy pre-designed property reporting results: an Area-Contract Analysis report, Revenue Forecast report, Revenue Comparison report, Lease Expiration report and others. Use property analytics as well as a set of data sources for building custom reports with external tools such as BI systems or Excel Pivots.

Talking about the importance of data, none the less useful is property management program’s module that lets you to keep track of existing clients and new sales opportunities. Here you can see lists of potential clients who are interested in specific premises, get a better understanding as to whether certain deals need special attention and keep track of all communication between salespeople and clients.

Program management solutions scaled to your needs

Property management program is designed specifically to meet the needs of industrial property management industry, thus here you will find everything for a smooth delivery of daily tasks. Leasing, maintenance and accounting tools – all in one place in order to comfort your company’s employees.

Firstly, lease contract management has never been so easy. Using program management solutions you can set contract starting and ending dates, assign customer and leased unit, set prices for various services and reminders based on contract dates. The system cares about your work and constantly checks on data consistency and completeness, providing a clear list if anything is missing.

Secondly, software provides you with feature for the electronic signing of contracts and other related documents. Electronic signing is fast and convenient – once a document is prepared, the system sends it out together with the signer details to the eSignLive system via webservice. Signers will receive an email with a link to the document, open it and sign electronically. Thirdly, lots of attention are dedicated to tenants and their satisfaction. Program management solutions include Tenant Portal that helps to maintain effective communication. It allows tenants of a property-management company to access their accounts instantly anytime, anywhere, using internet access. Whenever tenants have a question about payments, invoices, contracts or work orders, they can find everything by themselves without disturbing your employees.

Property management program helps in managing your property wisely

Property management program lets you create unit tree view and keep all the data related to your properties or buildings in software. That means you will not get lost while searching for particular information. Lease unit management feature allows for the creation of a multilevel unit structure, as well as the expansion and collapsing of a unit tree view. Here you can keep track of unit area changes, add assets to units, and upload pictures or floor maps. In addition, software helps to take care of your buildings by providing tools for planning maintenance work. You can not only assign particular tasks to another person in charge or create a recurring maintenance schedule for such works as assets inspection, elevator checks, etc.), but save property maintenance history in software too. Moreover, calculation of the common area maintenance fees is fully automated, so you just need to setup meters and track meter readings. System will calculate all fees by itself. Manage common area maintenance fees for maintenance, heating, electricity, water supply, etc. and distribute them automatically based on the rules set up.