More than just a CRM – Microsoft Dynamics property management software

Data: 2021.09.13

If you watched the hit TV drama Mad Men, you probably remember the witty grey-haired Roger Sterling. He isn’t the most creative ad-genius, nor the strictest disciplinarian but he gets people and can handle relationships, making him a vital part of a multi-million dollar business. You can say that Roger Sterling was the CRM of the company in that show. Indispensable, so to speak. In the real world, every company relies on various tools and people to maintain good relationships with its clients. Microsoft Dynamics property management software has great CRM qualities but it’s actually much more than that. It’s just like an ensemble of great features that help a property management business move forward. Here’s what you should know about it!

First off – what makes a good CRM?

First things first, there are probably thousands of different tools and software solutions that have CRM or CRM-like capabilities. They are all, at least slightly different and don’t work the same, each with its own set of pros and cons.

However, between the lines, all CRM software, regardless of whether real estate property managers, or anyone else uses it, has to have certain features in order to improve business.

Good CRM can automate mundane and repetitive tasks. If you were to calculate how much time your team, staff spend on labor-intensive tasks that can actually be automated, you’d sometimes be looking at an avenue with possibilities of five-figure savings. Good CRM system isn’t too expensive to run and maintain. In this case, it’s all about choosing the right tool and the right service package and having ease of implementation. And also, good systems can help you be and feel in control of as much aspects in business relations, as possible with insights and overviews available on-demand.

If you want to get more specific with regards to real estate management, here are a few specific pros of such a system

  • Create and manage updates regards to bill payments
  • Arrange and periodically look over maintenance
  • Collect new information about tenants and the building as well as be able to access historic data
  • Keep contact info and have leads inputted by your staff or 3rd parties
  • Handle communication with all customers
  • Make forecasts and reports
  • Deal with customer support issues

As well as a lot more. And Microsoft dynamics property management software is capable of all that we mentioned and a lot more.

Easy implementation of the CRM is crucial

Let’s focus on a point we touched earlier – ease of implementation. If you want to create a new practice where a new, more streamlined and efficient CRM would be used in daily work of the company, you should focus on the ease of implementation. If your team is going to have issues right from the get-go or if there’re going to be major disruptions, it might be better just to look for another solution that could be launched straight away. There is a major gap between launching an on-premises tool versus getting something going on the cloud. With the latter method, you can expect to be fully equipped and using the tool the very next or in the next couple of days whereas with internal installation and data migration could take weeks. Avoiding disruption during the initial phases of implementation of the property management software is key. And since you can run Microsoft Dynamics on the cloud – the benefits probably needn’t explaining much further.

Second in the order of business is the ease-of-use and accessibility of the software. It can be the greatest thing ever invented but if the user-interface is lacking or if the app itself isn’t convenient to use, staff are going to struggle getting the best out of the tool. Microsoft Dynamics and the tools based on it will have a vibe, that’s all too familiar for most business people. It works and looks very similarly to other Microsoft Office apps that we all use almost on a daily basis. So, the learning curve (learning and introduction are usually handled by the developers and/or sellers) is simpler and easier.

Updates and changes on the fly

This day and age, nothing is constant and the only thing you can rely on is the lack of continuity in the both macro and microeconomic conditions. Businesses, in order to remain competitive, have to be very flexible and adaptable. The same goes for the software tools that they use.

In terms of CRM – legacy tools and simple spreadsheets just aren’t up to the current standards. If you’re not using high-end software, it’s likely that your competitors are and will take business away from you.

In the time when companies need solutions that could also give you benefits regardless of social distancing and other external factors, making an impact to the way your tenants organize their business. Being able to proactively engage with your tenants and offer flexibility in a time when they can’t operate is a great way of boosting relationships for now and setting a foundation for growth in the future, once things get back to normal.

Microsoft Dynamics property management software – get it today

Microsoft Dynamics property management software is always supported, having 365 days commitment from the developers here at SOFT4RealEstate. The tool is versatile and can be made to suit your exact needs and property portfolio. Due to the adaptability, Microsoft Dynamics-based software can be used for residential, industrial, commercial, other types or even mixed property management.

You can request a live demo or a free trial right away to see what’s what for yourselves!