Property Management Horror Stories

Data: 2017.10.23

October comes to an end and you start missing Halloween. The charm and mystery of a time when people are buying scary costumes, carving pumpkins and looking for spooky movies to watch and horror stories to read.

But I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner. 

Evan Peters

Usually people imagine horror as something related with witches and ghosts, but property managers have their own nightmares and horrific tales to tell. I’ve prepared some spooky stories that would give you chills and make any property manager sleep with the lights on.

There’s no one home.  It seems that a property you manage is haunted when there are too many vacant premises. It can be scary to be alone. Especially for property managers who must look for ways to keep all the properties occupied. Finding long-term tenants and working with sales opportunities early may help get rid of evil spirits and decrease vacancies.


Unwelcome neighbors. In real life, it’s scary when some creepy man is living in the neighborhood, but for property managers construction or extensive renovation near the building you manage is almost the same. Unexplained loud noises, no water or electricity, but for sure a lot of dust – you name it. There’s no time limit on how long these projects can last, which makes it even more terrifying.


Maintenance nightmare. It’s the middle of the night and you get a call about water coming through the wall or a roof leaking badly in one of the properties you manage. Property damage cases and emergency repairs are a real trick or treat (you know how the trick part is usually a threat of damaging something). Even if it’s ordinary damage caused by day-to-day use of a property. That’s why it’s important to manage work orders on time. Modern software solutions allow you to track service calls, expenses and maintenance history –  after doing your homework you can rest easy, because reality is not so frightening anymore.


Wicked tenants. Oh, those evil creatures that are not taking care of a property or paying rent (business starts to struggle and they miss a rent payment or do it intentionally). It’s not only unpleasant to deal with them, but it’s also scary to lose money. In case you need some ideas on dealing with bad tenants, we have a separate blog post for that here.

Property managers come face-to-face with many different nightmares. Don’t let these kinds of stories happen to you. Solutions such as SOFT4RealEstate can put a spell on all property managers’ horrors.  Happy Halloween!