SOFT4RealEstate software for commercial property management (Pros and cons)

Data: 2021.03.29

In this article, we decided to take a look at one of the most popular software for commercial property management – SOFT4RealEstate. By dissecting this app, we wanted to figure out whether it’s a fine choice for owners of commercial property. After a thorough analysis of the live demo feature, we were able to list the pros and cons of SOFT4RealEstate. In the end of this review, we will provide a verdict on whether you should consider getting this software for your business. Let’s begin!

The pros of SOFT4RealEstate – software for commercial property management

An abundance of functions & tools

What we found to probably be the most amazing plus of SOFT4RealEstate is that it allows to automate and optimize so many different business processes. That’s precisely what most users are looking to get when they purchase software for commercial property management.

For starters, you can easily manage lease contracts and oversee occupancy rates as well as tenant and related changes. Furthermore, users will be able to manage lease contracts directly from the application which makes legal duties much easier to fulfil. Calculation of common area maintenance tasks as well as maintenance task order management are also available.

Furthermore, users of SOFT4RealEstate can easily implement a self-service portal for tenants to use. There they can download and pay bills, track changes and news, related to their occupancy as well as know about upcoming maintenance.

SOFT4RealEstate also offers a lot more and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We are off to a great start and so far, this proves to be one of the most functionally versatile software for commercial property management around.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics & easy-to-use

SOFT4RealEstate is a programme that is built on and certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This means that as Gold Microsoft Partner, SOFT4RealEstate is able to create and provide a user-interface and a wide array of functions/tools/preferences which are user-friendly and simple to use. As one of the most popular solutions in the field of property management software for commercial use, SOFT4RealEstate has a familiar feel to other Microsoft apps which makes it super-easy to navigate. Implementing it into your day-to-day becomes that much easier. We acknowledge this feature and can’t praise the user-friendly interface and simplicity of navigation, enough.

Offers a live-demo & free trial

If you’re looking at multiple software solutions or just aren’t decided whether it’s worth the investment – request a live demo of SOFT4RealEstate. You can:

  1. Watch a guided demo and explore click-through videos to see how this software will help you deal with day-to-day property management operations.
  2. Request a trial version of the application without any obligation to pay or purchase. The trial version will work for 14 days. In this time, you can see how simple-to-use it is and how it can save you money and time as well.

Requesting a demo or a trial version are essential features that should help you find the right solution. By making them available, SOFT4RealEstate can definitely earn the trust of more potential customers.

Some of the many different benefits for commercial property manager which SOFT4RealEstate offers.

International clientele

One of the most reassuring features of the SOFT4RealEstate is that it has an international clientele. They are servicing numerous industry leaders and strong players all over the European Union which means that you can definitely trust this software, no matter where you’re located. The app is ready for international users and is in English.

Can service different industries

A huge concern for property managers, when choosing software, is that they’re afraid or hesitant to sign off on the deal because they fear that the app isn’t tailored to their specific needs. Not every commercial property manager oversees the same types of property which means that there is a huge necessity for various features and versatility of the tools.

Luckily, SOFT4RealEstate is versatile and can be implemented in a variety of fields. Both managers that rent space in the commercial sector for small business can utilize this software whilst remaining greatly efficient for industry property owners, real estate object managers, etc.

It’s actually one of the biggest upsides of using SOFT4RealEstate. Whether you manage multiple property units in one building or many buildings and properties all over the place, this is the software that’s ready to help and optimize a wide range of processes. Just as one more example – you can have a module that acts as a bidding software for commercial cleaning and other maintenance jobs. Compare offers and choose the best one!

The cons of SOFT4RealEstate

In general, software is not useful if you own few properties

Nothing is perfect, however, and we have to acknowledge the downsides of SOFT4RealEstate, too. Luckily, we weren’t able to find any functional or reputational disadvantages that might set you back or force to stay away.

The only downside we were able to discover is general and applies to all property managers, across the board. There isn’t too much that a software solution is able to offer, if you are managing a small number of properties. The offset (benefit) might be less than the cost of the license or subscription, so it isn’t necessarily a tool that small business would likely consider. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Maybe it’s worth it for your business? Get a no-strings-attached and obligation-free quote directly from SOFT4RealEstate!


It’s hard to find a significant downside of why your business should not even consider SOFT4RealEstate commercial property management software. As one of the industry leaders and an internationally-recognized solution, SOFT4RealEstate can cover a wide variety of requirements and needs of any property manager. Regardless of your field and niche, your company can save significant sums of cash as well as a lot of time by using streamlined, state-of-the-art software, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We definitely recommend it as the most well-rounded choice in this competitive market!