What’s New on Soft4RealEstate in Q4, 2015?

Data: 2016.01.27

Have you ever dreamed about painless, faster, easier and more automated property management processes?
8 times faster invoicing process, 10 times faster data analysis, faster and easier work order management, reporting tools is not enough. Do you agree?

We care about our customers’ success, so we develop Soft4RealEstate commercial property management system constantly and once in quarter we let the world know about new Soft4RealEstate functionality and benefits for the property management companies.

Soft4RealEstate – highly integrated business software for commercial property management companies, managing offices, retail, shopping centers and other commercial property already helps to maximize occupancy levels, manage tenants effectively, reduce operational costs, increase administrative productivity… and much more!

Wondering can it help more?
Oh, YES!

With the last quarters’ improvements Soft4RealEstate can HELP you to:

  • Save time on learning to work with the system, you can find the main training videos right in the Role Center.
  • Save your time even more, because now you get E-mail Reminders about contracts’ ending dates and you do not need to go through the entire list of contracts to find that. Also, ensure you have no increased vacancies at any time and higher tenant satisfaction level with the Date Reminders that allow you to setup E-mail reminders to be sent for the tenant before contract ending date or a price changing date.
  • Also, contract lines in Contract Template are filled automatically, so you avoid human errors and data loses! That’s not it! You can print the contract using MS Word directly from the system.
  • Increase work performance, since you can create User Tasks for yourself, or assign it to other employees, track the time or change tasks status and have new actions for easier Navigation through the system.
  • See rented/vacant spaces faster and in more convenient way, because now our customers could use Lease Area Map Add-in on the web and Lease Unit Availability Chart can be based both on unit quantity or leased area as well.
  • Ensure your security with Tenant Credit Limit Control. If tenant hasn’t paid the invoices which exceed the credit limit, you will be notified at the point of making new contract, therefore you will make a right future decision.
  • Save time and money and increase tenant satisfaction by choosing right vendors. From now on you can rank your vendors and decide which one to choose for specific service according to their rate.
  • Avoid making bad decisions and losing income with new, updated General Report, which now has more data in reports, that helps you to analyse your business.
  • Most importantly it can help you to increase the level of your customer service and increase the efficiency of the communication with tenants by using Tenant Portal, which allows tenants to see their contract details, documentation, invoices, payments, work orders assigned to you and submit their turnovers!