Constant development

The SOFTRealEstate solution is developed constantly – our team is always working towards a better version of the system. We’ve launched new features and made technical advancements, aiming to improve the lives of property managers. The SOFT4 team is happy to announce the release of SOFT4RealEstate new version. We hope that you are looking forward to using and exploring new features and improvements over SOFT4RealEstate!

What’s coming?

SOFT4RealEstate What’s Coming – 2024
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Improved UI/UX

More role centers can be used on mobile devices by users who don’t use PC/laptops much. Simplified pages for easier usage of the app.

More detailed cost analysis per each Lease Unit

Each expense can be allocated to a property or unit, and this would appear on Lease Unit Ledger.

Reconciliation improvements will allow you to run this process smoothly with more possibilities

Reconcile single contract, run reconciliation not only for property but also for a Lease Unit Group, and more.

SOFT4RealEstate Help in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Users will be able to access specific area manuals directly from the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central window.

Price Indexation process improvements

Price Indexation process improvements will let you send Indexation letters for the tenants as well as it would index required Deposit amounts based on Rent price indexation.

What’s New?

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